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Les Bleus copped it last night when the resurgent Rosbifs pulled off an unlikely victory and so for you, mon braves, the world cup is over.I have often sidled up to the bar surreptitiously looking to see if there was any evidence of the stray ammunition embedded in the counter but if there was, it is long since gone.However, my main criticism of this World Cup is reserved for the rugby authorities who, for some reason beyond my comprehension, have decided to schedule games at 8.00 p.m. on Saturday nights.

Akin and Al were in and we fell to discussing the cricket, (that, weather permitting, should be over today with the West Indies in disarray.) A little later we were joined by the Woodbutcher and an old friend of mine Steve who I occasionally bump into in local hostelries.He has planned all the songs he wants at his funeral however and suggested that I should hurry up and sort mine out, but all this can wait for another week.Contrast the sterility of the top tier of English soccer with the excitement of the Championship and there is no comparison.The pub is basically a large Victorian house high up overlooking the river Trent and its environs, that somebody decided to convert into a pub.

Thornbridge was what you would expect, a flowery, hoppy brew.If you are remotely interested you can even visit his website Now on to important matters, beer.We were joined by Ingsy and his delightful wife and spent a happy hour in conversation with them.Amazingly the musketball hit him smack between the eyes and killed him where he stood.So at nine-thirty we set off for my local and once there, met Rog and his lady wife.Genitals was thinking of breaking it up but Bro said that it was now the subject of a preservation order and would be better used as a TV cabinet.On the way back I got Mick to drop me at the barbeque and reappeared as if nothing had happened.

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Why breweries like Banks, who brew Castle Eden, think the beer is suitable for sale to the general public, quite escapes me.

If ever there was a beer that one can rely on it is Landlord, but despite this the pathetic imbecile who runs the SoM had managed to produce a pint that was actually unpleasant.The bar was surprisingly quiet and we ordered without having to queue for thirty minutes.

Stand up for diversity and down with political correctness I say.What is going on and why has nobody in government put their hands up and taken the service revolver.I decide to try the Castle Rock Tree Sparrow ABV3.9%, this is a mid brown beer with a full flavour despite its low gravity.Morrisons Deals. Britvic J2o Orange And Passion Fruit 4 X.Presumably stiles and five bar gates and roads that have rocks and stones in them will also be prohibited, in fact all mountains are to be bulldozed level to make them accessible.The results show, unsurprisingly in my humble opinion, that these so-called professionals, are no more than a bunch of charlatans, quacks and snake oil salesmen.We shall be employing all our wiles to get that removed next.

The beer on sale is all from small breweries who clearly have no concept of what beer should be like.Apart from an inability to count, the team was rather cross that Pearl had given our 110 metre international hurdler out for not having made his ground.All they drink overseas is cheapo plonk and the vile San Miguel lager, extra cold.I received for Christmas an mp3 player on to which I have placed some of these evocative tunes so that I can hum along to them as I stroll down the pub.The car park was something of an obstacle course with large shark filled lakes of water to be negotiated before you could enter the pub.For Rog it was something of an adventure too as he has had almost twenty bleak years drinking products from the Southwold brewery and does not hold them in high regard, in fact he was keen to move back here so he could get Pedigree.I had considered asking a question on the beer orders but as none of the panel were as capable as I was of producing a coherent answer I decided to ask whether the poor old Lib-Dems ought to call it a day, particularly as Ming the merciless gave a conference speech that had the assurance of an English fast bowler facing an Indian batsman.

Competitions. Free Cash. Morrisons More for Students - £5 Free See their page for more details. Free Bottle of J2O.I would have liked to have been a fly on the wall when his kids woke up at seven-o-clock having had a good nights sleep after my daughter had put them to bed at nineish.

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The building itself seemed rather large for the size of the bar but it became apparent that there were several other rooms in use as well as the small, cosy area that we were in.I arrived at precisely the right moment as he was at the bar buying a round.Last night having filled my head with Joni, I went out with Bro and we called in at the SoM to see if the guest ale was, by some remote chance, any good.

Now what do you think the common factor in this apalling business was.Clearly it had been building up all night and, unable to hold it any longer, he had manoeuvred his rear end into the doorway and released a mammoth amount of nauseating methane onto unsuspecting drinkers.Yes, I know that the Burmese people are getting a bit uppity but the military should soon put the plebs back in their place with a judicious show of fire power.

Poor old Christians, the way things are going they will soon be the only ones not to have a celebration at this time of year, Hanukkah and Diwaili are already well established. (Mind you, curry for Christmas dinner sounds a winner.I had strolled down for a pint or two to relax after a trying week.Being a medical man myself I feel this sort of thing does our profession no good at all and I would have her struck off.As I have written before about the beers we sampled I shall not go into detail.Once, a game in Liverpool witnessed the most tedious batting ever seen, Pigswill and Doug Adam were the culprits.

The answer to the food conundrum is simply not to worry providing you do everything in moderation apart from eating sauerkraut and tripe.Before starting he would take a few steps sideways one direction and a few the other before setting off on a mazy run that ended at the bowling crease.This morning as the good lady wife was putting the washing on the new airer we had bought, it, like the spotlight and the switch, fell apart.On Friday the bathroom light switch went tits up so I purchased a replacement and spent an uncomfortable half an hour fitting it.Despite the obvious dumbing down that has gone on during the past few years in order for Mr.Bro and I agreed that we were getting seriously worried about dear old Mick, whom we have not seen for six or seven weeks now.It is no secret that I have as much time for religions as I have for lager, and Bro is pretty much of the same mind.Over time I have come to a personal view that beer is better served by handpull with a fairly tight sprinkler setting as this gives it a bit of life but never-the-less it was a most acceptable brew.Teignworthy is another small brewery whose Springtide ale ABV 3.9% is a lovely balanced beer.

Last week you may recall I mentioned a public house at Hamstall Ridware, near Rugeley and suggested their home brewed beer might be worth a try.Stupidly I forgot to take a picture and will redress this next time I am there.The Bay View Sunset ABV 3.8% is brewed by Skinners and is a light refreshing beer and needless to say I went back there three times to confirm this.The batting line up looks fragile and without the truly wonderful Nixon they couldnt be relied on to score a hundred between them.

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